Introducing Kiwi X External

Universal Aim Aligner cheat for Roblox, CS:GO, Overwatch, Fortnite & more. Trained on Smart AI.

User Interface

Kiwi X External is built on Aimmy with better security measures, a smoother experience and more frequent updates. 🥝 Learn More
Aim Menu
Trigger Menu
Model Selector

How does it work?


Load Model

Load a model for the Aim Aligner to be able to work. We have built in models and users can create their own too. More Info


Train Images

Kiwi X External gets better the more you use it. Our AI will train images to improve the Aim Aligner's accuracy and efficiency.



Create a configuration and adjust the settings to make the most out of your model. Whatever works best for you.


An external cheat executes externally to the game process. Kiwi X External uses AI to collect and train model data such as an enemy's skin or color to better improve the cheat capabilities such as aim aligner accuracy, visual detection and more. We support a wide range of games and allow users to create their own configurations to build upon our product in any game where features like an aim aligner would be viable to use.

Kiwi X External is built to be undetectable. However, if a player is blatantly cheating and gets reported, then there's a risk of an account ban on any game. Essentially- you won't be automatically detected by using Kiwi X External but there's a risk depending on your playstyle.

Yes. Our product is supported by advertisements, we keep this to a minimum.

Accurate Aim Aligner

Highly Customizable

Universal Game Support

Undetected Features

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