Q - How do I download Kiwi Development products? Such as Kiwi X or Kiwi V2?
A - You can go to KiwiExploits.com or WeAreDevs.net (Only for Kiwi X) simply by clicking 'Get Exploit' or 'Download'
Tip: Before downloading, make sure to disable any anti-virus software as it may corrupt/delete files required for the exploit to work.

Having Problems with Getting/Entering the key? Check these solutions!
Invalid Key - You used a VPN when generating or the key is expired.
False Bypass Messages - Make sure you go through this link: https://kiwiexploits.com/keysystem
Error 404 Cookies - Clear your cookies on KiwiExploits, or use a different browser to generate a key.

Required Installations:
Resources required to be installed if their not on your machine:
WebView2 (For Kiwi V2) - Download 
Visual Redistributable (For Kiwi X & Kiwi V2) - Download 
Note: Make sure you extract the files before running any of our products. This will prevent any unknown errors.

Injection Tutorial:
1 - Click the inject icon from the top right on Kiwi X, If it's another exploit you're using from KiwiExploits there will be an attach/inject button somewhere visible in the main UI.
2 - Wait a few seconds for it to attach, this takes 5 - 10 seconds.
3 - After the API/DLL attached a message prompt should pop-up or a website pop-up in the background, KiwiExploits uses different API/DLL's and so the prompt may be different, but visible. If you have errors with a DLL it could mean the developer is doing an update.

Q - What are DLL's?
A - DLL's are essentially what's needed to Attach & Execute scripts. We have a wide varity of trusted and stable DLL's for you to choose from the 'Options' inside of Kiwi X. Depending on the quality of the DLL, some may have an ad-shown upon injection and all revenue goes towards directly to the developer to continue development. (Examples of DLL's we have added; WRD, EX, KRNL, Oxygen)

.NET Errors or Unexpected Errors:
Q - Have you updated Kiwi X by running the 'Kiwi X Bootstrapper' and still get errors?
A - If you are on the latest version of Kiwi X and still getting errors then re-download Kiwi X to solve this. Make sure that you installed the necessary packages above first and that you are on a Windows 10 - 11 operating system. Some updates require new files to be downloaded and our bootstrapper cannot install those files. Which makes re-downloading mandatory in some updates to resolve errors.

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