Q - How do I download Kiwi Development products? Such as Kiwi X, Akuyo etc.
A - You can go to KiwiExploits.com or WeAreDevs.net (Only for Kiwi X) simply by clicking 'Get Exploit' or 'Download'

Tip: Before downloading, make sure to disable any anti-virus software as it may corrupt/delete files required for the exploit to work.

Q - My exploit gets errors when opening, how do I fix this?
A - Make sure to read the above Tip, and also to be sure extract files before running any application, aswell has being on Windows 10.

Getting Key:
Q - What is a Login Key, and why do I need it for the exploit?
A - Our products are ad-supported by third parties such as Adsense, Linkvertise etc. The user goes through 1 - 2 minutes worth of ads and in return gets a login key to be used on our products.
Q - How do I get a Login Key, and when does the key expire after using it?
A - The text of where you get the key depends on the exploit you're using. If it's Kiwi X click 'Get Login Key' if it's any other product there is visible text somewhere.
After generating a key paste it inside the text box and click 'Verify Key' to continue. The key expires after using it (One time use system) until you need to get another one.

Having Problems with Getting/Entering the key? Check these solutions!
Invalid Key - You used VPN when generating or the key is already used.
Crashing when pressing "Get Login Key" - This is the link: https://kiwiexploits.com/keysystem
Error 404 Cookies - Clear your google cookies or use a different browser such as FireFox and etc.

Injection Errors:
Q - Why does the exploit crash when attaching/injecting?
A - This could be for several reasons such as device type, anti-virus, missing files etc. But the most common reason is not having the files provided below not downloaded. https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework/net472 (Install this to fix injection errors)...

Injection Tutorial:
1 - Click the inject icon from the top right on Kiwi X, If it's another exploit you're using from KiwiExploits there will be an attach/inject button somewhere visible in the main UI.
2 - Wait a few seconds for it to attach, this takes 5 - 10 seconds and maybe sometimes instantly depending on how fast your PC is and what game you're playing, but it doesn't take long.
3 - After the API/DLL attached a message prompt should pop-up or a website pop-up in the background, KiwiExploits uses different API/DLL's and so the prompt may be different, but visible.

Scripts Not Executing:
Q - Why does my script not work when executing it?
A - Game Hub scripts are updated Monday (Or sooner) to keep our list fresh, we do not own the scripts as we replace/add new games when there is demand for it, so script issues themselves shouldn't be reported to us, and instead to the person who made the script. If you're certain that the script works and isn't executing on Kiwi X, Akuyo etc. It's probably patched or changed to private access/paid use.

Q - What are DLL's?
A - DLL's are essentially what's needed to Attach & Execute scripts. We have a wide varity of trusted and stable DLL's for you to choose from the 'Options' inside of Kiwi X. Depending on the quality of the DLL, some may have an ad-shown upon injection and all revenue goes towards directly to the developer to continue development. (Examples of DLL's we have added; Easy, Delta, Helios, Oxygen, KRNL)

.NET Errors or Unexpected Errors:
Q - Have you updated Kiwi X by running the 'Kiwi X Bootstrapper' and still get errors?
A - If you are on the latest version of Kiwi X and still getting errors then re-download Kiwi X to solve this. Make sure that you installed the necessary packages above first and that you are on a Windows 10 - 11 operating system. Some updates require new files to be downloaded and our bootstrapper cannot install those files. Which makes re-downloading mandatory in some updates to resolve errors.

Difference between Kiwi X and Kiwi V2:
Q - What's the difference between Kiwi X and Kiwi V2? I'm having trouble deciding which to use.
A - With our new product Kiwi V2 we have transitioned to WPF (Avalon). We are now able to experiment more with our design, features, update speed and much more. The difference is mainly in our User Interface (UI). If you prefer simplicity you should use Kiwi X, if you'd like a more engaging design then use Kiwi V2. It really comes down to your personal preference and we update both tools..

I can't find the KiwiExploits Discord Server:
Q - Why is KiwiExploits discord server link invalid when I try to join?
A - Due to Discord targeting exploit related servers and continuously deleting them, this has been a hassle to post updates. We've now moved to the Updates Section. Where you will find all updates on our products (Kiwi X, Kiwi V2, Akuyo) aswell a site updates if needed.

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