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About Kiwi X External

Kiwi X External is a Desktop External that was released in early 2024 with outstanding capability and AI model training. It's supported on Windows 10 - 11 Operating Systems. No Key System is included for usage of this software, only a few Ad-Links to just pass through.

User Interface

Kiwi X External is built on Aimmy with better security measures, a smoother experience and more frequent updates. 🥝 Learn More
Aim Menu
Trigger Menu
Model Selector

Accurate Aim Aligner

Highly Customizable

Universal Game Support

Undetected Features


How does it work?


Load Model

Load a model for the Aim Aligner to be able to work. We have built in models and users can create their own too. More Info


Train Images

Kiwi X External gets better the more you use it. Our AI will train images to improve the Aim Aligner's accuracy and efficiency.



Create a configuration and adjust the settings to make the most out of your model. Whatever works best for you.

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